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authorJari Vetoniemi <>2017-04-20 16:49:35 +0300
committerJari Vetoniemi <>2017-05-01 22:58:22 +0300
commit29086b1d12a2c28cffdbfbf0b3990a7bd75506b9 (patch)
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diff --git a/vim/filespec.vim b/vim/filespec.vim
index 5e43fc5..077f41c 100644
--- a/vim/filespec.vim
+++ b/vim/filespec.vim
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ syn region fsComment start="//" skip="\\$" end="$" keepend contains=@fsCommentGr
syn keyword fsStructure struct union
syn keyword fsType s8 s16 s32 s64
syn keyword fsType u8 u16 u32 u64
-syn keyword fsKind ascii utf8 sjis pad hex
+syn keyword fsConstant nul dec hex str
syn case ignore
syn match fsNumbers display transparent "\<\d\|\.\d" contains=fsNumber,fsFloat,fsOctalError,fsOctal
@@ -29,12 +29,12 @@ syn match fsOctalError display contained "0\o*[89]\d*"
syn case match
syn match fsSpecial display contained "\\\(x\x\+\|\o\{1,3}\|.\|$\)"
-syn region fsString start=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ contains=fsSpecial,@Spell extend
-syn match fsCharacter "'[^']*'" contains=fsSpecial
+syn match fsString1 "'[^']*'" contains=fsSpecial
+syn match fsString2 '"[^"]*"' contains=fsSpecial
syn match fsBlock "[{}]"
syn match fsBracket "[\[\]]"
-syn match fsOperator display "[-+&|<>=!*\/~.,;:%&^?()]" contains=fsComment,fsKind
+syn match fsOperator display "[-+&|<>=!*\/~.,;:%&^?()]" contains=fsComment
" Define the default highlighting.
" Only used when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
@@ -42,14 +42,14 @@ hi def link fsTodo Todo
hi def link fsComment Comment
hi def link fsStructure Structure
hi def link fsType Type
-hi def link fsKind Constant
+hi def link fsConstant Constant
hi def link fsNumber Number
hi def link fsOctal Number
hi def link fsOctalZero PreProc
hi def link fsFloat Float
hi def link fsOctalError Error
-hi def link fsString Constant
-hi def link fsCharacter Character
+hi def link fsString1 Character
+hi def link fsString2 Character
hi def link fsSpecial SpecialChar
hi def link fsBlock Constant
hi def link fsBracket Constant