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* tmpir-wipJari Vetoniemi2019-03-07
* remote work commitJari Vetoniemi2018-10-19
* compiler: save some bytesJari Vetoniemi2018-10-11
* push for remote workJari Vetoniemi2018-10-11
* types: handle raw string bytesJari Vetoniemi2018-09-28
* compiler: print the ast tree more nicelyJari Vetoniemi2018-09-27
* compiler: make endianess a filterJari Vetoniemi2018-09-27
* expr: apparently strings are streams tooJari Vetoniemi2018-09-27
* compiler: implement enum countingJari Vetoniemi2018-09-27
* remove type::name add endianess supportJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* Indicate fields with slices in outputJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* More parsing fixes for the fspec files I haveJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* Print out select expression informationJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* Add some commentsJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* Fix some parsing mistakesJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26
* Goodbye C compiler, hello colm compilerJari Vetoniemi2018-09-26