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@@ -22,11 +22,12 @@ Other than x86 is currently untested and probably doesn't work.
## Running
+./andre my-android-binary
+sh my-android-unity-app.apk
-But currently `app` assumes pretty much ``, so it will probably
-crash after returning from `JNI_OnLoad` :D.
+`` currently assumes app that uses ``.
## Notes about runtime libraries and porting
@@ -86,8 +87,8 @@ out. Also helpful resource for this project.
[libhybris]( Very badly documented
project, but I guess it has some overlap with this project? Seems to be
-mainly aimed for using android GPU drivers on GNU/Linux and nothing else
+mainly aimed for using android GPU drivers on GNU/Linux. Also uses AOSP
+linker, probably this is the resource apkenv used.
## Contributing